Your vision, Our flowers

Your vision, Our flowers

     The Flower Market on 7th Street is the only area shop dedicated to the do-it-yourself bride, offering a wide selection of imported and domestic flowers and hands-on wedding design classes.

   If you're planning a wedding, we invite you to stop by and walk through our 1,600 square-foot cooler. It's loaded  with flowers and greenery, and our sales staff can answer questions about flower availability, pricing and ordering. 

    Not sure about designing your own wedding flowers?  We offer floral wedding design classes that  teach you how to create the essential wedding pieces--a hand-tied bouquet, corsage, boutonniere and simple centerpiece using roses, filler and greenery. (We also provide referrals for wedding florists who create beautiful weddings for every budget--from a simple bridal bouquet to a full-service wedding.)     

         The do-it-yourself trend for wedding flowers started about 15 years ago, as information about floral design and flower varieties became more accessible. Most of the interest at that time was on small, budget- friendly weddings. At about the same time, the overall wedding experience started to change. Weddings became more personal, an expression of the bride's own sense of style. Brides today know what they want--in flowers, color and design. And they are creating their own vision.   

*As with all our website photos, the photos on this page were taken by Flower Market staff. The hand-tied bouquets include simple focal flowers, filler and greenery.

Ordering information

Place your wedding or any special order two weeks before your pick-up date.

  • We take a credit card at the time you place your order. We do not run your card until you are ready to check out. (We do not accept checks.)
  • We consider all orders preliminary until we have received payment information.
  • Please make sure you have the correct amount of flowers ordered. You are welcome to buy additional flowers from the cooler, but we do not alter quantities on special orders.
  • You can place your order by phone or online.
  • If you have questions about color, varieties or stem count, you are welcome to visit the shop and place your order.
  • Depending on the size of your order, we recommend bringing 5-gallon buckets to transport your flowers. (Some product, such as filler and greenery can be boxed.)

We do not recommend ice chests, coolers, or other oversized containers.


Picking up your flowers

  • When you pick up your flower order, we will go over your order, verify quantities and answer an additional questions you may have.
  • While we are bringing your order to the front, you can shop for additional flowers or floral supplies.
  • Once you’re satisfied with your order, we’ll run your credit card.
  • We’ll then help you load your buckets and boxes.
  • We do not recommend transporting buckets of flowers in any open-bed truck.

Care and handling

When you get to your location, place your buckets in a cool room, away from direct sunlight and air
conditioning/heating vents.

If you’ve picked up your flowers in boxes or wrapped, you will need to:

  1. Recut the stems at an angle with sharp floral snips. A dull blade will damage the stems and prevent dehydration.
  2. Remove all foliage below the waterline. Any leaves below the waterline will promote bacteria growth and decrease vase life.
  3. Place your flowers in room temperature water in clean containers, away from direct sunlight and air conditioning/heating vents.
  4. Do not store your flowers in a refrigerator, which may have cold spots.
  5. Do not place your flowers in a commercial cooler where fruits and vegetables have been stored. (Ripening fruits and vegetables give off ethylene gas, which quickly damages flowers.)
  6. If you want your flowers to begin opening, remove any wrappers or rubber bands. You can also recut stems to speed up opening.

If you’ve brought buckets for your flowers:
 You can skip re-cutting the stems and filling your buckets with room temperature water. At checkout,
we will move the flowers and treated water to your buckets.

Overnight Storage

You can bring your finished pieces back to The Flower Market for overnight storage for a flat $40 fee.
The way it works:

  •  Pick up your flowers, design them at your own location and return your finished pieces
  • for storage.
  •  Make sure each piece and any boxes have your name and pick-up date.
  •  Ensure that all flowers are hydrated and in water, and have enough water to last the duration of their storage.
  •  If you are sending someone else to pick up, provide them with a master list of the
  • number and type pieces.