We started as a wholesale florist 30 years ago buying our flowers directly from the farms. That taught us to identify and purchase from established farms with the highest standards for planting, harvesting and post-harvesting practices. 

We never 'shop the market' based only on price. Our roses, for example, are imported from Ecuador, where a combination of climate, elevation and rich soil produces a beautiful, long-lasting rose. These roses are valued for their large heads, dense petal count and vivid color. Our cut orchids are shipped from Thailand, our novelty flowers such tulips and freesia from Holland, and our gerberas from a California specialty grower.   

At the shop, we follow 'cold chain.' New flowers are re-cut, placed in buckets with a pre-measured hydration solution and moved to our 39-degree coolers. Flower buckets are checked daily for quality and water level.

Your flowers are fresh, properly hydrated and ready to go when you pick them up.