Do you sell to the public?

Yes, we are open to the public.

We also offer wholesale purchasing. In order to purchase wholesale, you must provide a copy of your Texas Sales and Use Tax Permit and a copy of your Texas Sales and Use Tax Resale Certificate; non-profits must provide a  copy of their Texas Sales and Use Tax Exemption Certification. Forms must be submitted and approved by management prior to placing an order or purchasing flowers. Submit forms two business days before ordering or purchasing flowers.


Do you deliver?

The Flower Market is a different floral experience, where you learn how to select flowers that express your own color and design preferences. We do not offer the delivery or design services you would find at a traditional flower shop.

How far in advance should I place my special order?

Wedding and other special orders must be placed two weeks prior to your pick-up date. You can place your order in person or by calling us at 817-377-3360. If you know your colors, varieties and quantities,  Click Here to submit an online order.  Otherwise, feel free to shop our coolers anytime.

Do you design weddings or custom arrangements?

The Flower Market is all about the experience of choosing and putting together your own flowers. We do offer a selection of ready to go floral arrangements displayed in our main cooler. We also design custom arrangements for pick up with a 24 to 48 hour notice depending on the size and number of pieces requested. We refer wedding florists for brides who interested in hiring a professional designer. 


How do I take care of my flowers?

For wedding and special orders,  please go to weddings and download our wedding packet for additional information. 

  • Never leave your flowers in your car, whether they are in a vase, a bucket or wrapped. 

If you are purchasing loose flowers:

  • Cut flowers at an angle with sharp scissors or floral snips. A dull blade will damage the stems and prevent hydration.
  • Remove all foliage below the waterline. Any leaves below the waterline will promote bacterial growth and decrease vase life.
  • Place flowers in room temperature water in a clean container or vase, away from direct sunlight and air conditioning/heating vents.
  • Do not store your flowers in a refrigerator.
  • Do not place flowers in a commercial cooler where fruits and vegetables have been stored. (Ripening fruits produce ethylene gas, which quickly damages flowers.)
  • Re-cut the stems and change the water every two days for longer lasting flowers.